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Why Archish Fertility

The motivation behind starting Archish evolved over time and we took this step for two reason.. As an embryologist working in a fertility clinic, we noticed many families struggling to understand the terminology used in the field of assisted reproductive technology (ART) and the explanations being given to them by their fertility specialists regarding the same. To make things worse, walking into a fertility clinic can be quite intimidating for first-time patients.

We have felt their nervousness which is parallel to what one feels when confronted with the unfamiliar. In response, we started ‘Archish’ to bring to people the entire process of IVF in a simple, comprehensible format and language, thus erasing any questions or concerns they might have about the subject. We hope this will act, like a magic recipe that teaches to prepare a delicious and complicated dish with a dash of faith, describe the ingredients, tools, and steps necessary to achieve the culminating stage of pregnancy. Having spent a considerable amount of time in the field of IVF, we realised that there are not many services available which talk about the journey of the ‘sperm and egg’ once they enter the embryology laboratory. Sadly, there are many grey areas in that aspect since everything is ‘microscopic’. Hence, we wanted to be available for the couples who wanted genuine, scientific and practical information about their gametes and embryos.

The other side of starting ‘Archish’ is to assist people in the same community – be it clinicians or fellow embryologists who want to upgrade their skills and success rates in their laboratories. One, critical thing we have gathered over the years is that good practices and striving for success rate in an IVF laboratory is an ongoing effort. On visiting different laboratories and meeting different people we realised that everyone can achieve a success rate of 40% but the real satisfaction and aim lies in taking the success rate to 60% and above by minimizing the number of embryos transferred. Hence, we decided to share what we know through ‘Archish’, to help and assist our friends in the Scientific community.

Having said that Navin and I met while working in one of the eminent IVF chain. We had no idea cupid would strike between embryo checks and incubators, but we are so glad it did. Among other things we share a strong passion for Embryology and have decided to make the IVF community stronger and better for both couples and our fellow baby makers.