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Upgrade your IVF laboratory

You have a clinic with a well running IVF laboratory. You have noticed that your laboratory is doing well but you want to take you laboratory to the next step with better success rates and better Standard operating procedures. Is it the right time to add more equipment’s or more lab personnel? Do you need to introduce advanced techniques in your laboratory?

If you are flooded with such questions, it’s a good sign. It indicates that you are striving to do better and for you running an IVF set up means continuous learning and upgradation. Let us analyse your laboratory and give you a detailed report about what is needed to take the laboratory to the next step. Remember “small changes have big impact’ Some of the services, that we offer:

  • Assess the current operation and results
  • Budgeting
  • Give solutions based on the current set up
  • Advise any changes in term of equipment or personnel
  • Train the lab personnel for advanced techniques
  • Assist the laboratory to move to blastocyst culture