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Experts in Embryology

Training of Embryologists

In embryology, there is a vast difference between theoretical and practical knowledge. You may be great at theory but having hands on training and a “good hand” are prerequisites of being a skilful embryologist. You might be starting your career or feel that you need a little more help with some techniques like embryo grading, vitrifcation or maintaining the laboratory.

And then there are some who have a practical grasp but need to understand the science behind it. if it is embryology whatever the need and technique, we have got you covered from basic to more advanced techniques like DFI, MACS and PGS. We also offer a practical assessment and suggest the techniques you need to concentrate more on. Remember a good embryologist has a skillset of both theory and practical. Some of the services, that we offer:

  • Andrology training
  • 360-degree embryology training
  • observership
  • Documentation and managing the laboratory
  • Vitrifcation / Thawing
  • Oocyte Vitrifcation
  • Advanced technigues like – PGS, DFI and MACS