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What is IVF?

Do you remember when you first heard the word IVF, you probably had to repeat it in...

What is the role of an embryologist?

Let me introduce you to people known as embryologists. In layman terms, they are simply those who...

Typical IVF Cycle Timeline and the issues associated with it

The following is a general overview of what a step-by-step IVF timeline looks like. These times can vary slightly according to your...

Frequently Asked Questions regarding your fertility treatment

What is the volume of ejaculate that can be termed as adequate? As per WHO 2010 guidelines, volume below...

Factors Affecting Embryo Development

Human conception involves the coordination of complex biochemical and molecular intracellular signaling events between human gametes, resulting in the production of viable...

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Coping with Infertility and Mental Health

Ever since our childhood we have seen a set pattern of the “life cycle” – Education – Work – Marriage – Children...

What happens to your egg and sperm inside the embryology laboratory?

The journey of egg and sperm from Egg collection to embryo vitrification or transfer. The Embryologist’s Perspective

Planning your day in the embryology laboratory

A daily run of good practices in a working IVF Lab Introduction

What is Egg, Sperm and Embryo?

You have gone to a restaurant, ordered a salad which doesn’t taste as great as it should.  On closer look you realise...

Understanding your semen analysis report

As part of your annual checkup, you may often undergo blood tests and scans from time to time. Similarly, when you plan...