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Equipment and Lab Personnel in an IVF Laboratory

Setting up a new IVF lab can be both daunting and confusing. There is a buffet of options available. After selecting the...

How to deal with infectious samples within your clinic – HBV, HCV and HIV

Infertility treatment in couples where one or both parents are infected with viral load raises many concerns about transmission of the infection...

Errors in an embryology laboratory and how to manage them

ART errors are fortunately a rare occurrence. but humans are fallible and mistakes are inevitable. We, as infertility specialists, must be vigilant...

How to Induct a Junior Embryologist In Your IVF Laboratory?

An IVF laboratory is not like any other routine laboratory, where, for instance, one can just put on a laboratory coat and...

Importance of time in an embryology laboratory

Working in an IVF laboratory could be stressful and exciting, both at the same time. Exciting because you are about to fulfil...

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Coping with Infertility and Mental Health

Ever since our childhood we have seen a set pattern of the “life cycle” – Education – Work – Marriage – Children...

What happens to your egg and sperm inside the embryology laboratory?

The journey of egg and sperm from Egg collection to embryo vitrification or transfer. The Embryologist’s Perspective

Planning your day in the embryology laboratory

A daily run of good practices in a working IVF Lab Introduction

What is Egg, Sperm and Embryo?

You have gone to a restaurant, ordered a salad which doesn’t taste as great as it should.  On closer look you realise...

Understanding your semen analysis report

As part of your annual checkup, you may often undergo blood tests and scans from time to time. Similarly, when you plan...